Gems from the Chasidic Masters

Bezras Hashem VaYisboreich, I am going to attempt every Thursday (Bli Neder) to translate some Chasidic dvar Toire that are not available in English to make more well known to the English speaking world. Now, I am a frum Jew and I will try to keep true to the original translation, and I will upload the original source material along with the translation. I hope to spread the light of the Baal Shem Tov and his holy students with the world, to draw myself and everyone closer to HaKadosh Boruch Hu.


A Sugya in the Parsha | Parshas VaYeitzei

I was recently at a Brit Yitzchak at someone’s house for their son. As Jews do, we started discussing Torah after filling our stomachs mit a bisl esn. There is a certain mayse (story) that happens in the Parsha that is when Yaakov finally reaches Charan after leaving Be’er Sheva to be with Lavan, his uncle, and marry one of his daughters as instucted by his father, Yitzchak. There is a certain part in the story, in which upon reaching Charan, Yaakov sees Rochel by the well, kisses her then cries. Now according to Rashi, Yaakov Avinu knows that they’re going to be married sometime in the future, and he cries as he sees that they’re not going to be buried together. Ok, this doesn’t explain why Yaakov Avinu, the holiest person alive at that time,(and ever for that matter), would randomly kiss Rochel Imeinu, which is very against Halacha. I’ve heard many explantions from different people, one for that matter that Rochel Imeinu, according to Jewish Law was not an adult yet so it was permissible to do so. The Ben Ish Chai taitshes (explains) that Rochel was wearing a scarf around her hair and Yaakov Avinu kissed her on her head,  others say she had padding on her sholder in order to hold the jug for the water. My explanation is different however, that I saw in one of the Meforshim (I remember it being Rashi, a friend told me it was Ramban), that before the Giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, the Torah was only obligated upon a person inside the land of Israel, outside, it was not, this is what permitted Yaakov to marry two sisters (Rochel and Leah), and according to my Savara is what permitted Yaakov to kiss Rochel. However, even my explanation has an issue as it still fails to explain why Yaakov Avinu, a holy man, would do such a random, out-of-place thing. It’s Something to think about… and would make good discussion at the Shabbes table, I wish everyone Hatzlacha and have a Gut Shabbes!